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Why mineral water?

Clean drinking water also known as potable water is considered a basic human right by the United Nations. Although the human body is composed mainly of water, yet it is equally essential to continue to hydrate one’s body in order to ensure the proper functioning of it day after day. One of the few bare essentials that the human body requires, clean drinking water has plenty of health benefits as well. Drinking water is said to help flush out harmful toxins from the body which aids healthy digestion of food, proper functioning of kidneys and overall healthy looking skin. It is known to reduce headaches, most of which are caused due to dehydration or lack of water in the body. Many nutritionists associate drinking plenty of water to aiding weight loss as well, due to consumption of water raising one’s metabolism and water in its pure form having zero calories. And lastly, one of the biggest reasons for a healthy intake of water is the fact that drinking enough water is known to put people in a good mood, maybe even with a spring in your step and a smile on your face.